The RADCUBE Mission to fly with VEGA VV19

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SAB LS and C3S LLC sign the LSA for the RADCUBE 3U Satellite to be launched with VEGA VV19 in 2021

On November 2nd C3S and SAB Launch Services signed the Launch Services Agreement, the first step that in 2021 will fly the 3U CubeSat on the European VEGA launcher for the RADCUBE mission, a demonstration of onboard miniaturized instrument technologies with the goal to provide real time space weather by making in situ measurements of both the magnetic field environment in LEO and the space radiation to which spacecrafts and astronauts are constantly exposed to.   

SAB Launch Services will embark the 3U Satellite on the VEGA VV19 planned next year in April 2021. It is a piggyback mission that is going to bring this satellite on an SSO at an altitude of about 575Km for its scientific mission.
Despite the recent issue on VV17, the teams are working to limit the impact on the VEGA schedule for 2021, in fact along with ESA, Arianespace, AVIO and CNES, SAB-LS is focusing to enable VV18 for February.

VV18 will be the first mission following the Success of the SSMS maid flight which brought into orbit more than 53 satellites making a success and an important milestone for the access to space. 

For both VV18 and VV19 launch the SSMS will fly in its HEX configuration, the name comes from the geometry of the lower part of the SSMS dispenser: a hexagon that will accommodate different deployers for CubeSats to rideshare into orbit.  

Eng. Marco Mariani, CEO of SAB Launch Services said to be really satisfied with the contract just signed with C3S “it is the first LSA signed after the VEGA SSMS VV16 rideshare mission we recently had, and it came exactly two months after it.” He said, “ The partiality given by C3S confirms the position of our organization as reference for the launch service provision of European Institutional Customers.”

While talking about the failure on VV17 Eng. Mariani expressed to be apologetic towards the customer and added “We are monitoring the progress of the inquiry commission and we thrust the colleagues from AVIO on the fact that this issue will help in improving the work methodology moreover given the incoming new entry of the European launch family VEGA-C. Confident that impact on the schedule will be minimized since 2021 is a year of a utmost importance for all of us and for such a reason the activities with C3S and with the other customer are proceeding nominally so far. “

The integrations will take place in Europe at the SAB Aerospace Facilities and then the Hexagon will be shipped in Kourou for the final launch configurations to bring the RADCUBE satellite mission into orbit.

“This is the most important mission planning and space technology development of Hungary, both from scientific and business aspects so far.” – said Gyula Horváth, CEO of C3S Electronics Development LLC, who believed throughout his entire professional career that the synergy of the two segments hide real breakthrough opportunities. “This launch is just the beginning, the first demonstrational piece of our 3-16U range. Our scalable satellites offer exceptionally reliable space services, even as constellations for IoT or Earth observation missions in the future.  In addition, the satellite range is suitable for scientific experiments and research. I particularly applaud that the first payload is an indigenous development, so beside the demonstration of engineering excellence, the Hungarian scientific scene is being enriched by spectacular results.”  

About C3S

C3S LLC is a Hungarian space industry actor with a nanosatellite platform and subsystem development activity in its focus. In 2016, by the invitation of the European Space Agency, they joined its first international medium-size satellite development project PLATO 2.0 as the supplier of the Electric Power Supply system. In 2017, C3S introduced their quality management system to develop their products and solutions by the highest quality standards of the industry. The company develops and manufactures its 3,6,12 and 16 U platforms and redundant subsystems like OBC, EPS, and communication modules to meet the requirements of IoT, Earth observation and space monitoring constellation missions.


About SAB LS

SAB Launch Services S.r.l. (SAB-LS) is a company part of SAB group with headquarters in Benevento (Italy) and Integration facility area in Brno (CZ).

SAB LS offers launch services to Small Satellites (with special focus on CubeSats) in the frame of VEGA and VEGA-C multi payload Missions covering most of the activities to ensure the best and safe trip into orbit starting from the Brokering of Launch Capacity including Insurances to the Institutional CubeSats Aggregation including Launch Procurement and Secondary Payload Integration in European Premises. As well as the Development of MGSE’s for Payload Integration and procurement of Sequencers.

SAB LS offers shipment of SSMS Hexagonal Module Integrated with Payload to CSG and Support to Customers (on behalf of AE) for Primary Payload Integrations in CSG

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